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United States current transits

I’m an avid news watcher and find politics endlessly fascinating and frustrating!  Perhaps it’s my stellium in Scorpio in the 7th house which means I’m particularly intrigued by political relationships and how they impact on world politics.  Like many others I’m currently fascinated by the impact of the revelations from the Wikileaks website.  Despite the removal of the website, the information is still in the hands of journalists around the world who are revelling in drip feeding us the details, whilst politicians squirm with embarrassment and relationships crumble.  Now I don’t claim to be an expert on mundane astrology but when I saw more headlines this weekend my immediate question was, what IS going on in the US natal chart*?  I thought I’d have a go at picking out just a few of the transits which seem significant to current events.

The first thing that strikes me is Pluto opposing the US Venus.  This was a transit which hit five times, starting in March 2009.  The final hit was at the end of October, just as Wikileaks began releasing the US State Department diplomatic cables.  Venus makes a statement about relationships and diplomacy as well as values and resources of the nation.  Clearly there are other issues for the US regarding resources, but let’s just think about relationships here.  A transit by opposition is about someone or something else causing you problems in that area of your life.  So those pesky leaks are causing the US problems in relationships.  In natal astrology a Pluto transit to Venus could signify the sudden and emotionally packed ending to relationships – interesting given all those headlines at the weekend concerning the US UK ‘special relationship’, although as the leaks keep coming it might not be the only beautiful friendship on the rocks…  Pluto is all about the explosive volcano which releases anything hidden under ground in a dramatic way.  This isn’t the gradual lava flow, it’s the volcano that blows the side of the mountain away. Pluto is direct again and heading back towards the US Jupiter.  This opposition is about a desire for greater power and influence.  Jupiter in the seventh house suggests this might be the US trying to regain power and control over relationships with friends and enemies.

The US Mercury is experiencing the final trine of three with transiting Jupiter this week.   A trine in transits usually speeds up whatever is happening, it removes friction like sliding on ice.  Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not, for example if we try to slow an event down but a trine removes the restrictions we have put on something.  This can lead to rapid achievement or rapid failure.  Mercury is about communication and ideas, so it could be the media, early education, speeches and opinion polls.   It must also be about communication strategy and advisors, as well as the press, who I’m guessing are working pretty quickly this week!

One final thing I have to mention is the fact the US is experiencing a Saturn return.  This was exact last week and there are two more hits to go in March and finally August 2011.  Saturn is exalted in Libra, (see earlier blog post if you are unsure what this means) so it’s in pretty good shape.  For early astrologers Saturn was the edge of the solar system and as a result it represents limits and structure.  In the chart of a nation it is the limits of society, rules, government, authority and bureaucracy.   Saturn ultimately is about responsibility and when Saturn conjuncts Saturn it is a time to explore these issues.  Saturn in the tenth house, ruling the second and third, talks about how US values and communication underpin them being seen by the world as an authority.  Saturn in the tenth suggests that reputation and hard work are important.  The American Dream is based on the idea that anyone who works hard can achieve their aims and gain status and position, so this makes sense.  This is a time for the United States to reassess how it uses authority on the world stage.  It’s the beginning of a new cycle and the decisions taken now will influence the US, and therefore the rest of the world, for the next thirty years.  The question is whether something like Wikileaks, to take just one current event, will make the US use their authority responsibly.  The alternative?  Using it irresponsibly?  Being seen as the disciplinarian imposing fear and blocks on others, perhaps?  I suppose it’s the difference between being seen as the bully or the wise leader, let’s hope they opt for the latter!

*I’m using the Sagittarius rising chart and I know there is controversy over which chart to use.  I’m persuaded by the fact that this seems to work better when it comes to rectification and is supported by historical evidence.

Breaking News: Just as I finish this blog post I’ve noticed that The Mountain Astrology has managed to get hold of the birth data for Julian Assange.  Anyone particularly interested in the Wikileaks story might want to look at this too.  Perhaps we’ll come back to his chart in another post.

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