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The Lunation Cycle

Apart from the joy of finally being in the new house, it’s been fun throwing old stuff away and rediscovering possessions I haven’t seen in a while (there’s a post about clutter clearing here, but we’ll get to that!).  Of course it’s impossible to unpack boxes without getting a little bit sidetracked by the contents.  As a result I’ve taken a few moments to revisit Demetra George’s wonderful work Astrology and the Authentic Self alongside Dane Rudhyar’s classic The Lunation Cycle.   As our astrology students have witnessed, discussion of the lunation cycle in the birth chart is one of the few astrological areas Matthew and I disagree on.  As a tool for prediction I think it’s essential, but I’ve just struggled to integrate it into my natal chart readings.  I’m wondering if I’ve been a bit fixed about this (I can’t possibly believe that I hear you cry!!), perhaps it’s worth reconsidering the importance of this most visual of cycles?


We can all see the sun moon cycle play out visually every month.  The moon waxes and wanes over one month and then grows again, but only because of her relationship with the sun.  The principle of cycles is crucial to understanding astrology.  If our birth chart contains an expression of the energy on the planet at the moment of our birth, then we have our whole life to work with this energy and perfect our expression of it.  Each planet or luminary in the birth chart is playing out a cycle with each other and as these cycles progress we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves.  The lunation cycle, the relationship in the chart between the sun and the moon, are just one such cycle, but a very important one.  If the sun is a symbol of our will and conscious purpose then in this context the relationship to the moon signifies how that meaning will be brought into our lives.

In summary, the idea is that the moon phase we are born under will indicate the kind of energy we will utilise to best express and actualise our life purpose.  This is really crucial information – how did I miss this previously!?!

One thing Matthew and I definitely agree on is how the lunar cycle can impact energy levels month by month.  Demetra George talks about our heightened sensitivity at the point in the lunar cycle which reflects our birth chart.  For example, if you were born at the waxing crescent moon you would find that your emotional responses are stronger at this point in the month.  If you are feeling happy, you’ll feel even happier, but if you are feeling a bit down this will be exaggerated.  It may also be that you feel your energy is particularly low at certain points in the cycle and that this repeats month on month.  By recognising and respecting the lunar cycle it allows us to stay more in tune with who we are and the world around us.  This isn’t always easy in a solar world, but definitely worth being aware of!

So my plan is to blog at each point in the next lunar cycle, starting with the new moon on Monday.  You might want to pay attention to how you are feeling and your energy levels at each point. I’d be interested to hear whether people relate to the lunar cycle of their natal chart and if this truly represents a repeated pattern in their life.

What lunar phase where you born under? 

An easy and quick way to work this out is via this handy webpage http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Moon_Phases.html 

A note on the progressed lunar cycle

In predictive astrology this is an incredibly powerful tool.  The progressed chart essentially progresses our natal chart forward from the moment of birth.  As I wrote earlier, our birth chart is an expression of a moment in time and the progressed chart indicates how that energy developed over time, moving our natal chart forward by one day every year of our lives.  This means that although we are born at a particular lunar phase, we will experience all of the phases as our progressed chart moves forward.  If the lunar cycle is around 29 days then our progressed lunar cycle is around 29 years.  The movement of this cycle is fascinating to study, reflect on and learn from.


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