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The New Moon

As promised in my previous post I’m planning to post at each stage of the next lunar cycle; a little bit of discipline won’t do me any harm 😉 So, here’s the first post…


Tomorrow is the new moon, the beginning of the new cycle.  At this point the moon is dark, no part of it can be seen, yet it holds the potential of all that will come.  This is the equivalent of the sun’s winter solstice where we experience the least amount of daylight hours.  Dane Rudhyar equated the lunar cycle to the growth of a plant with the new moon being the seed under the ground beginning to germinate.  We can’t see it yet but the first signs of new life are beginning.

This is the conjunction in the birth chart and includes the moon at any point from zero degrees to 45 degrees in front of the sun.  The quality of new beginnings is lived out by those who are born at this point in the cycle.  Demetra George tells us they have a naive, almost childlike openness to how they interact with the world.  They operate on instinct and don’t relate well to too much structure or planning.  Society tells us we should have a plan and direction, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years time?’, but for these natives trusting their instincts and living moment to moment is vital in order to get a sense of their own identity.  Sometimes these individuals can feel like they are quite present in the world; they need to see the footprints in the sand to know they are actually here.

For those born with this placement, how they manifest their sun’s journey will carry these qualities.  Part of why they are here is to try new directions and initiate new ideas.  They may not consider the long-term implications of their actions, but this is not part of their purpose.

Any new moon babies out there?  Remember you can check your own placement here http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Moon_Phases.html   Do you recognise these qualities in yourself?  Does this speak to you?

For the rest of us, our progressed new moon occurs every thirty years and signifies the start of a new cycle in our lives.  During this period a new seed germinates inside us and the start of a new dream or aspiration is born.


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