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The Crescent Moon: the first smile in the night sky

crescentHere we are again, progressing through the lunation cycle.  Now the moon is visible to us in the night sky.  Have you noticed any shift in how you are feeling following the dark of the moon?  Make a note to compare month by month and you’ll start to see a pattern as the cycle progresses.  The moon is now between 45 degrees and 90 degrees ahead of the sun in the natal chart.  Check your own moon phase with your full chart at astro.com or just your lunar phase at http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Moon_Phases.html

In the solar calendar this would be equivalent to Imbolc where we celebrate the quickening of light halfway between the equinox and the solstice.  In the case of the plant example, the seed has germinated and the shoots have struggled upwards, pushing those first bits of green above ground.  The key word here is struggled.  Imagine how hard it is for that little tiny plant to struggle upwards and make that first push into the light.  For those born during the crescent moon there is a quality of struggle in how they express their sun and pursue their goals and life purpose.

Crescent moon individuals need to be able to make a break from their past and upbringing.  This isn’t to say that they must cut off their family and strike out on their own, but they need to establish their own identity in society beyond that which was given by their family and origin.  If they aren’t able to do this they may feel great despair at their situation.  Think of that seed, if it can’t make it up through the earth and break into the sunlight it will not be able to flourish and grow, eventually bearing fruit or flower.  Without moving on from their past, which may be childhood, past lives, or even events of last week, these individuals will be unable to progress on their journey.  They may find themselves vulnerable to emotional blackmail as friends and family tell them how they ‘should’ be living and may not support their move for independence.  It isn’t just the dissenting voices outside, but the little voices in their head who tell them ‘you’ll never be able to do that, why even try?!?’

Our crescent moon baby needs to learn to recognise this pattern as it will repeat throughout their life.  They need to push beyond the boundaries that they know and discover the resources that will help them develop new skills and abilities.  This will allow them to recognise the opportunities that arise and take advantage of them.

For the rest of us who weren’t born with this position natally, we experience it during our progressed moon cycle (again, you can check this at astro.com).  If the new moon is the birth of a new plan or idea, then the crescent is that moment where it suddenly seems there are simply too many obstacles in your path.  It’s that point in a diet where you’ve been good for four whole days, you get on the scales and they’re still the same and it all feels like just too much to do.  Or maintaining an exercise programme after your initial enthusiasm as waned and your new trainers have rubbed a blister.

We have to go through this phase in order to progress, this goes for the natal position and the progressed phase.  The plant has to make that push up through the earth, otherwise the seed will wither and die.  We have to battle with the doubts and demons in order to make our plans, dreams and aspirations a reality and avoid them dying before they have even truly begun.

For a more eloquent account of the lunation cycle check out Demetra George’s work


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