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The First Quarter Moon: light and dark in balance


First Quarter Moon taken by http://peterdesmidt.com/blog/

Here we are on our journey through the lunation cycle at the first quarter, a point of balance between the light and dark.  The moon is now between 90 degrees and 135 degrees ahead of the sun in the chart.  In our solar cycle it’s the spring equinox where day and night are equal.  Our little plant is working hard at putting down roots and pushing out new leaves and stems to create a structure which will support fruit and flower.  Did you know that it is believed that the equinox is the only point in the year when it is possible to balance an egg on point?  I’ve never tried it, but it does allow for a gratuitous West Wing mention, just how far from the pack have I strayed, a question I frequently ask myself…

Anyway, back to the moon!  Think about the plant exerting huge amounts of energy to create stems and roots; this needs big amounts of energy released very rapidly in order to create the rapid growth to consolidate and move forward.  Our individuals who are born at this point in the cycle often experience a series of external crisis during their lives.  They are going along happily doing their thing when unexpected issues are thrown into their path.  I know we all feel like this at some point, but this is a theme throughout the lives of these individuals.  This causes them to expend a huge amount of energy in order to correct their course and continue on their way.  The question for these natives is how can they create a structure that supports them to go on living their lives no matter what is thrown at them.  If they are successful in this they become star trouble shooters who can deal with these crisis points, not just for themselves, but for everybody.

The danger here is that they need to be careful not to create unnecessary crises in their lives.  They may feel the crisis comes from outside, but are they really creating it for themselves?  This may be on an inner level.  They need to learn to make the tough decisions and stick to them during periods of difficulty.  Once they are able to do this then they can truly take charge and deal with any resistance or conflict which may come their way.

For everyone else, when we experience this point in our progressed cycle it is the point when whatever was trying to emerge begins to truly show itself.  We can look back at this point and see the idea which was birthed at the new moon start to emerge from the shadows and take form.

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