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The Waxing Gibbous – the moon increasing in light

We continue with our journey through the lunation cycle and what each stage means for the individual born at that point.  It’s a funny word gibbous, isn’t it?  It means more than half, but less than fully illuminated when referring to a planet or the moon and comes from the Latin for hump and means to be humpbacked.  It’s one of those words that I just don’t use in any other context than astrology.  This is where our moon is currently up to, now almost fully visible well on its way to being full.  In our solar calendar it equates to Mayday or Beltane where we celebrate the increasing hours of daylight and the fertility of the land this brings.  Our plant is beginning to grow buds and the flower is definitely on its way.  It is now between 135 degrees and 180 degrees in front of the sun in the natal chart.  Check out your own chart at astro.com or just your lunar phase at http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Moon_Phases.html

Those born at this point in the cycle have personalities which are similar to the bud on the flower.  They have a quality of anxious expectancy and appear on the edge of a great discovery, like the flowers in the garden who are threatening to open up.  They experience this expectation on an emotional level and have questioning minds looking for opportunity.  Individuals born at this phase are seeking to refine and perfect the structure which was built in the first quarter.  They ask questions such as ‘what about if we do it this way?’ or ‘what would happen if?’  Their skill comes from an ability to find techniques that are better than the ones already being used.  They often find themselves in the position of the apprentice, learning a new skill or technique.  They desire nothing more than to contribute something useful to society.  The danger for these individuals is to be seen as too critical as they seek to improve and make things better.

In our progressed charts we all experience this phase and it is the point where we are looking to refine and perfect the intention which began at the new moon.  We evaluate and analyse the point we are at and look how it can be improved.  We are subconsciously looking to ensure that the temple is clean ready for the full moon.

Any waxing gibbous babies out there who recognise this?

As always, if you want a better exploration of this subject then Demetra George’s book Astrology and the Authentic Self is definitely the place to start.  She also has lectures on her website where she explores this in even more detail.


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