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The Full Moon – and a Supermoon at that!!

001_moonWhat is more beautiful and hypnotic than a full moon?  On a clear night when the moon is full and your eye is drawn towards her in the sky, I can entirely understand why our ancestors first looked up and worshipped her as a goddess.  For those of us (me included!) who missed the Supermoon in June because of cloud cover, we get another chance in July.  Although not quite as super as the June opportunity, July’s full moon is not far off.  The description on this blog tells us that we may even get a little colour thrown in for good measure – let me know if you see any pink, purple or orange!!

So, in my journey through the lunation cycle we reach the culmination of the cycle, the full moon.  The moon is now between 180 degrees and 135 degrees behind the sun in the natal chart.  The moon is exactly full this month at UK time 19:15 on 22 July.  The maximum amount of light from the sun is now reflected on the surface of the moon.  In our solar world it’s equivalent to the summer solstice where we experience the greatest amount of daylight.  Our little plant has finally come to fruit, the flower has bloomed turning towards the light and we can see the beauty that has been building for so long.

For those born during this full moon period they are seeking to make meaning and give form to the ideas developed earlier in the cycle.  There is a desire for connectedness with others and they seek the ideal in all encounters.  Think of the flower opening and the birds and bees pollinating it in order that it might bear fruit.  Only by taking something else into itself can it produce the fruit.  Through interactions and relationships with others the meaning these natives seek can be illuminated.  There can be a desire to constantly seek out the perfect partner or seek a cause or belief system which offers a larger meaning to their lives.  They seek to fulfil the project through connecting with others.  ThichUnlike our subjective new moon babies, the full moon native must ensure they are objective and entirely conscious of what they are doing.  They must think before they act and recognise the potential impact of their actions.  This is due to the importance of other people in helping them on their journey, without others they cannot progress.

For those not born at this point, we experience the progressed full moon once every thirty years or so.  This is the climax, or anti-climax of the progressed lunar cycle.  Depending on the first half of the cycle this may be the point where we fulfil a dream or reach a goal.  Alternatively, it can be the point where we fail to reach something we have strived for.  However there is always some release of energy as we reach a high point of the cycle.  Even if we fail or are disappointed, there is a sense of liberation as our struggles are over.

Check out your own chart at astro.com or just your lunar phase at http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/vphase.html

As always, if you want a better exploration of this subject then Demetra George’s book Astrology and the Authentic Self is definitely the place to start.  She also has lectures on her website where she explores this in even more detail.


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