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The Disseminating Moon: dark begins to win over light

Here we are, with the moon in Pisces not helping my dreaminess or Neptunitis, as some might call it, we reach the disseminating phase of the lunation cycle.  The moon is now between 135 degrees and 90 degrees behind the sun in the natal chart.  As with the other posts in this series, you can check out your own chart at astro.com or just your lunar phase at http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/vphase.html.images

In the solar cycle wheel of the year this is Lammas, the first harvest festival.  The heat of the sun ripens the grain and traditionally a feast was held to celebrate the first fruits of the harvest.  Our plant yields fruit; this is the apex where the rewards of the hard work of the first part of the cycle are reaped.disseminating

For those born during this phase their life work is about dissemination.  They are driven to communicate and convey information that they themselves have found to be of value.  They find their truth and want to share and teach others what they have learnt.  This may be in a verbal or written format, but often is about living their life in a particular way which embodies their values.  They become a walking, talking demonstration of their principles.  These individuals need to have a passion or a message to communicate and are at their most content when they do.  When they struggle to find something to believe in or there is no one to communicate their ideas to, they can feel overwhelmed by the futility of everything and life can feel meaningless.  Although they need to have a ‘message’, they need to learn to understand that not everyone is going to be committed to their beliefs as they are.  The danger is they can develop a fanatical edge and they need to learn that although it is important to communicate their ideas, it is not vital that others take immediate action.  They can throw out the seeds and whether they take root or not is not for them to worry about.

In our progressed moon cycles this is the point where the intention we started out with at the new moon phase bears fruit.  It is a culmination point and we are now living out the intention.  The success of this does depend on the work put in during the first half of that cycle.  The plant grown in poor soil with little food or water may bear fruit which is small and tasteless, but a plant that is nurtured and cared for will produce a bountiful harvest.  I suppose the key is to remember to nurture and care for ourselves.


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