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The Last Quarter Moon: the dark force increasing

This evening the moon reaches the last quarter of the monthly cycle.  We’re nearly at the end of my month of blogging the lunation cycle and what it means for our natal charts.  I thought it might be good to look at some examples next month.

The moon is now between 90 degrees and 45 degrees behind the sun in the natal chart.  As with the other posts in this series, you can check out your own lunar phase at http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/vphase.html.  In our solar cycle this point in the lunar cycle equates to the Autumn equinox when day and night are in balance again, but the night is about to win out.  In the plant cycle, the harvest has been taken in and the fruit remaining on the vine starts to rot.  The build up of energy needed to produce the fruit has peaked and starts to pull back.


For those born at this point in the cycle, crises of consciousness are how they progress on their journey.  Some of their biggest crises are internal as they make radical shifts in their lives away from what they have already done towards something else.  They reach a realisation that they can’t carry on doing the same they have always done and need a change.  Their family may ask why aren’t they every happy, everything’s fine and why throw it all away for something new or a crazy scheme?  However, the natives of this phase will not be content without making the change.  Periodically they will realise that what had once given meaning and purpose to their life no longer does.  They have learnt things that no longer validate their assumptions and beliefs.  The crisis comes and they need to disengage themself from the old situation.  They may keep the crisis hidden from those around them until they are ready to externalise the change.  Whilst the internal upheaval is going on, they will appear the same to everyone else until they are ready to lift the mask and move to the next stage.  Family and friends may be surprised when they announce their new direction, but it is the job of last quarter people to tear down old structures and recognise where change needs to happen.  They are the people who realise these old forms do not work and need changing.

For the rest of us, when the moon reaches this point in our progressed cycles we start to turn away from what we have done in that cycle.  We have reached the peak of this cycle and it is time to reorganise our thoughts into a new vision.

As always, if you want a better exploration of this subject then Demetra George’s book Astrology and the Authentic Self is definitely the place to start.  She also has lectures on her website where she explores this in even more detail.


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