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Astrology and vibrational healing, or what can an essence do for you?

We ran our first astrology and vibrational healing workshop on Saturday.  This was the first time we have run a workshop introducing people to the idea of how they might use essencesPE-combos We love astrology because it gives insight into our greatest gifts and talents, and also areas of life in which we experience tension and difficulty.  Our workshop sought to explain how to use flower, sea and gem essences to reinforce the strengths we find in our charts, and help us transform our difficulties into results.  So if you’re struggling with a particular Saturn aspect or transit, then an essence can help you work through the issues more easily and, perhaps more importantly, more successfully.

The idea behind the use of essences is about creating or restoring balance, helping us to find the best expression of ourselves.  We are all energetic beings and if there is a block or confusion in our energy, this can be manifested mentally, physically or emotionally.  Difficult aspects in our birth chart or challenging transits can throw us off balance and using essences can help us get back on track.  These aren’t magic potions!  We still have to do the work, but they can lend a helping hand when the work feels too much.6a0133f538e9e4970b017ee3eb264d970d-500wi

I thought I’d give an example from my own experience to illustrate this.  In my natal chart I have a tight Mercury Saturn square from my 7th house Scorpio Mercury to my 5th house Leo Saturn.  Saturn is in detriment in Leo, so he needs a bit of support from others at the best of times!  Saturn is associated with age, maturity and experience and speaking as someone with an aspect between Saturn and all my personal planets, bar the Moon, it gets easier to deal with these issues as we get older.  When we’re little (and by little I’m talking up to our first Saturn return!) these aspects can be very constricting and just plain old hard work!  The signature of Mercury Saturn is the fear of communication because, ‘what happens if I say it wrong?’, ‘what will they say if I say/write that?’ ‘no matter how hard I try I’m simply no good at this writing/talking business!!’.

As a child I had to see a speech therapist because my speech development was slow, although family members could understand me; simply too scared to communicate to anyone outside the family?  I was never one of those students who went way over their word limit, I used to struggle to reach it because my writing was too concise.  Similarly, starting to write has always been a struggle because I’m always afraid it won’t be good enough.  Before even writing a word I’ve tried and found myself guilty at the court of public opinion!

As I write this my throat is starting to feel sore.  This is a common physical manifestation for me of my fears around communication.  A physical symptom of the fear of saying the wrong thing or being judged by those around me.  As I say, this has got easier as I’ve got older, but sometimes I still get a bit stuck.  This blog has been a perfect example.  We first started this blog back in September 2010 and there have been several false starts. I used to start loads of posts, but never finish them, or come back later and scrap them because I thought they weren’t good enough. article-0-0BC38D2F00000578-51_964x634

Recently when I asked Matthew to see if there was an essence I needed he came up with Bluebell.  On the Pacific Essences site or in Sabina Pettitt’s beautiful book it says,

  • “For giving up constraints; opening the channels of communication
  • Resonance: Expression
  • Key Attractors: Openness, Communication
  • Key Challenges: Shyness, Fear, Panic Attacks
  • Meridians: Lung, Kidney
  • Chakras: Throat

Well that sounds like Mercury Saturn issues to me!  Matthew recommended taking the essence, which I did.  Not long after finishing the essence I wrote my first blog post for a long while.  Now I can’t stop!  That’s not to say that there isn’t still a worry about how my posts will be received; but I don’t want that to stop me putting some of our ideas out there.  I’m not saying there won’t be a wobble now and again, Saturn will transit over my Mercury later in the year and I would fully expect to be presented with some of these issues again.  Having said that, it’s a wonderful illustration of how essences can work to give balance when we struggle.

An essence consultation with Matthew can help you find which essence might best work for you.


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