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The Balsamic Moon: dissolving into darkness

This evening we reach the end of the lunation cycle for this month and my promise to blog at each point in the cycle.  I’m already thinking about next month (one foot in the past and one in the future) and using some examples of individuals born at each phase.  For now, let’s finish this cycle before moving on to the next.


We enter the balsamic phase and move towards the dark of the moon where the moon is now between 45 degrees and 0 degrees behind the sun in the natal chart.  The equivalent point in the solar cycle is Halloween or Samhain, as the days grow shorter and shorter.  In the plant cycle the plant draws the vital essence back underground and waits for the next germination.

For those born at this phase they have one foot in the future and one in the past.  Their life purpose is about tying up the loose ends in order to move forward.  They have a vision of a future but are living within the confines of an old structure.  These natives tend to form frequent and very intense short-term relationships.  They often meet people and there is a sense of familiarity or recognition, perhaps from previous existences?  Then one day these people are gone from their lives.  They can come to question whether they are capable of long-term connections.  Although they are perfectly able to have long-term relationships, these short lived connections are important for finishing the larger cycle we are all part of.  Realising that these brief meetings are all that is needed changes the way they handle the relationships.  They learn the importance of saying or doing things at that moment, rather than waiting and putting it off.  They need to learn to look at the other person and know that they are at peace and it is time to move on.

The other major theme for balsamic moon people is the sense that there is something different about them from other people.  This is often strongest and most challenging during adolescence.  They may try to share with peers how they are feeling, but often it is only through sharing with older people that they can start to make sense of this feeling.  Their peers will be unlikely to understand or be equipped to help, unless they too are balsamic moon people!

The balsamic moon people are the visionaries of the cycle as they hold within them the stored energy of the cycle ready to be rebirthed into something new.  They are in some ways ahead of their time as they hold the essence of the future within them.

Finally, there is a sense of special destiny or being here for a purpose with these individuals.  Their purpose is to take meaning from all of their life experience and distil this into seed form so it can be passed on to another person.  They are meant to leave a legacy or testimonial so the new cycle can be enriched by it.

For the rest of us, when we reach this phase in our progressed cycle we have reached the bridge between one cycle of activity and another.  It is a time for letting go, purifying, healing and preparing for renewal.  We may feel a great loss as things that previously gave us purpose seem less important, but we need to let them go in order to make room for the birth of the new at the next new moon.  Astrologers frequently first see clients who are at this point in the cycle.  They are subconsciously aware that the old cycle is declining and they are wondering what may come next.  It is a point for reflection and taking stock; what is still important to me and what can I let go?  Something new is coming, but the seed is yet to germinate.


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