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“Is the person next to you washing their hands with soap?” 100% responsibility!

I’m aware that I seem to write about Saturn and Saturn issues a lot.  In part I suppose this is about my own personal journey as Saturn features so strongly in my chart, but I also think the issues associated with him are something we really struggle with as a society.  Driving into work this morning there was a discussion on the radio about post-toilet hand washing; don’t let anyone ever tell me I don’t know how relax on the way to work!!!  There were some pretty horrific statistics about how few men wash their hands, really nauseating.  The bit that really struck me and made me say, ‘hello Saturn’ was the findings that the signs in public toilets which work the best in improving the number of people who wash their hands are the ones that say

“Is the person next to you washing their hands with soap?”Washing hands with soap and water

This made me laugh out loud.  All the arguments about hygiene, health and the invisible smears on that £5 note you just got in your change, simply can’t match up to the worry of what other people might think if I’m not using soap…  Picture the scenario, you’re washing your hands (because you’re not one of the many people who simply don’t bother) and see the sign.  You glance at the person next to you, who is also glancing to see what you’re doing.  The fear of ‘what will that person think of me if I’m not using soap?’ is enough for some people to do it properly.  How tuned into Saturn we are as a society is pretty staggering, isn’t it???

Although many astronomers consider Saturn to be the most beautiful planet in the solar system because of his stunning rings, earning him the nickname ‘the jewel of the solar system’,  Saturn in the birth chart often gives an indication of where in life our fears can be, especially when we’re younger.  The word saturnine is used to mean gloomy, slow or sullen.  For medieval astrologers he was the last planet visible to the naked eye and so viewed as the edge of the solar system.  In the chart Saturn is often associated with responsibility, authority, boundaries, practicality, reality and building or conforming to social structures.

The other big word associated with Saturn is judgement.  Judgement of ourselves and others, as well as attributing responsibility and blame, are all things that society is really hot on.  The hand washing sign really taps into this worry that we’re being judged by others, or gives us a way to judge other people –  and we all like a bit of that, don’t we?  It puts us in the right and we can feel superior.  The media love, love, loves being judgemental and pointing fingers.  A tragedy happens = who’s fault is it???  Who can we blame??

I talk a little bit about Caroline Casey’s take on Saturn in this post.  She’s definitely worth a read to try and see the positive Saturn, and any of the outer planets, can bring.  There’s so much negative stuff written about him and he certainly does seem to be the planet most astrologers love to hate. Fundamentally, it’s about taking responsibility for ourselves.  That’s all Saturn is asking us to do, be 100% responsible for our lives.

Astronomically Saturn is actually the least dense planet in the solar system.  If there was a body of water large enough to hold him, he’d float!  In contrast Mercury would sink the fastest.  Just take a moment to reflect on that.  How many times do we sink because of our thoughts or something that is said?  Think of all the little judgements your thoughts make on you every day.  If that was a ‘friend’ saying those things about you, you probably wouldn’t be friends any more.  Being the authority in our lives and taking responsibility for all our actions and their consequences means we can stop playing the blame game, be kinder to ourselves, stop looking for scapegoats and maybe, just maybe, float!


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