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The Winter Solstice

So here we are moving towards the end of another cycle.  Earlier today the Moon was full and the rest of 2013 sees the closing out of this lunar cycle before the new Moon on January 1st.  We are also moving towards the Winter Solstice, the point when the Sun moves into the cardinal sign of Capricorn.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth puts us furthest from the Sun creating Winter.

tiltI’ve blogged a bit this year on cycles, especially the lunation cycle, but the nature of astrological cycles is the same whether we are talking about the Moon, Pluto, or the whole astrological year.  Long before Christmas this time of year was a period marked as important in the calendar.  This is the point in the cycle which equates in the lunation cycle to the dark of the Moon, the point just before the new Moon where the sky is dark and the Moon is invisible to us.  It is a point for introspection and reflection.  We celebrate the year giving gifts to those we love and cherish, but will we make it through the winter?  This was a genuine concern for our ancestors.  Had they stored enough food to get them through the dark and cold months until Spring? 

winter-solsticeWhatever this time of year means for you, I hope over the next week you’ll be able to celebrate the Solstice (and Christmas) with those you love.  Eat, drink and be merry, but spare a thought for that waning phase of the Moon that follows and look inward to see what comes next.  What are you hoping to give birth to in the New Year?  What does 2014 look like in your mind’s eye?  Reflect on your highs and lows of this year and consider what you want from the next.  This is a time to remember that the answer isn’t always ‘out there’, in fact it rarely is.  The answer is inside, you just need to give yourself time and space to find it.


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