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Nothing lasts forever

“Even the prettiest flower will wilt one day.  It’s nature’s way of teaching us that nothing lasts forever.” – Unknown.

triffidI’m currently experiencing the first hit of my Pluto square and it’s making me reflect even more than normal.  This is one of the major ‘mid-life crisis’ aspects in astrology (that sentence makes me feel quite old!).  The Pluto square can be a point in our life where we become very aware of our own mortality.  I was struck by this today when I was admiring the Amaryllis I’ve been growing, which has finally flowered.  My plan was to have them flowering for Christmas, but obviously they had other ideas.

I’m really enjoying the flowers now they’re here.  They’re so majestic and the colour is beautifully vivid.  However whilst watering them today I felt quite sad that they won’t last in their current state for very long.  The Hyacinths I grew over Christmas are already fading, although their perfume is still lovely.

This made me think about the Buddhist teachings on impermanence.  This tells us that no matter how substantial something may seem, everything changes and nothing lasts forever.  I find this teaching very comforting.  Of course it means the flowers will eventually wilt and die, but it also means that in our darkest hour when things seem overwhelmingly awful, it’s ok because that won’t last either.  Everything changes eventually and none of us will be around forever.  That’s why every moment is precious, to be appreciated and experienced to the full.  So, I’ll enjoy the flowers while they last and appreciate every moment they are here for the pleasure they bring.

1010956_10151837551786981_1673004426_nAnd that goes for all the other good things in my life too.  It’s almost too easy to focus on the negatives, so it’s time to take a moment, say a quiet thank you and appreciate all the good things I have.


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