Neptune: bringer of dreams

I’m feeling pretty Neptunian this week.  With Neptune squaring my natal Moon and about to disappear into my twelfth house, I really don’t feel like doing much at all.  Unfortunately it appears that this isn’t possible, so I thought I’d channel some of the dreamy quality I’m feeling into a post about Neptune.

In keeping with the confusing quality that Neptune energy can sometimes bring, it is unclear when the planet was truly discovered.  The date of 1846 is given, yet in retrospect it had been observed many times before but not recognised.  Galileo was probably the first to see the planet, but he marked it as a star in his drawings as he didn’t realise what he was looking at.  Mathematicians had predicted that the planet existed, but hadn’t actually found it.  This is classic neptunian energy, during these transits it can be difficult to see clearly or even worse, we think we see something clearly, but it turns out not to be real! Neptune

Neptune has the strongest winds recorded in the solar system, up to 2,000 km per hour.  Think of what it’s like trying to walk into the wind, how draining that can be to your energy!  Fight a Neptune transit and this is exactly how you can feel, exhausted.  Neptune is about acceptance and trust; trust that you are on the right path and moving in the right direction.images

Neptune is named after the Roman god of freshwater and the sea, the brother of Jupiter and Pluto.  Due to the composition of the gases which make up Neptune’s surface it appears a beautiful, deep blue. The atmosphere extends to great depths, gradually merging into water and melted ice.  This ocean-like quality does not end here, as well as the strongest winds it also has strong atmospheric storms which can develop quickly and unpredictably.  This quality can also be seen in storms at sea; apparently benign conditions can suddenly change dramatically.  Individuals with strong Neptune placements can sometimes suffer with boundary issues and I always equate this to the movement of the sea.  We don’t set the sea’s boundaries, it moves and flows independently and can be destructive, although there is no malice in this destruction, it simply is.  These individuals can have highly tuned intuition, intense dreams and high levels of empathy, but depending on the rest of their chart can struggle to stay grounded.  The issue with boundaries can be such that they struggle to recognise what are their emotions and which belong to those around them.  This can make them highly vulnerable and a more difficult expression of this energy is the desire to lose themselves in addiction to try and numb some of the intense sensations and confusion they live with.

The Neptune square natal Neptune transit, which happens around the age of 42 (ish), is known as one of the ‘mid-life crisis’ aspects.  These qualities of confusion or drained energy can be especially acute at this time.  There can be uncertainty as to what direction to go in and my advice to clients at this time would always be wait, wait, and then wait some more.  Think of yourself as being carried along on a wave, if you fight the current you will tire and drown, but if you let the wave carry you forward you will eventually reach land.  The issue for Neptune transits is always around lack of clarity.  What may seem clear and simple today, may appear completely differently tomorrow when new information comes to the fore.  At these times, wait and meditate on your question and never rush in.  This is a time in your life to explore your spirituality, whatever this may mean to you, as well as your relationship with the invisible world.  Go with the flow and the answer will present itself, maybe even in a dream!