Resolutions anyone?

CandleAt this time of year we all get a bit reflective.  Another year has passed and we are wondering what the next will have in store.  Sometimes we look back on the year with fondness, whilst other times we have regrets of things left unfinished or wishes that we could have done things differently.  Are you starting to think about resolutions?  Things you want to change or improve in your life?  Many of us will be and how many of those resolutions will make it through until the end of January?  If you’re in that group of people who would answer that final question with ‘not many’ or ‘none’ then you definitely need to read on.  If you’re not, then great, but read on any way…

I’m not normally one for making resolutions at this time of year.  With the excess of Christmas and the cold, dark mornings of January and February to come, it simply doesn’t feel like the time to be ‘super-positive’ and the time for big changes.  However, I’m thinking that this new year’s eve is different.  For the first time in 19 years there is a new Moon on the 1st January.  AND it’s a supermoon!  New Moons are the perfect time to set goals and intentions for the coming days, weeks and months ahead.  This is the time to plant the seed, which will grow and blossom into something wonderful.  This is true of every new Moon, but it seems so perfect falling at the point in the year we see as a new beginning (even if it is a made up new beginning!).New Moon

And as if that wasn’t enough the new Moon falls within a degree of Pluto.  If this isn’t the perfect time to think about transformation and change then I don’t know when is!  There might be areas of your life you are already thinking about, or you might like to consider where Capricorn falls in your birth chart.  The astrological house where you find Capricorn is where the new Moon is happening and will give you some indication of the area of life that might be most ripe for change.

However, I’m all for starting small.   After all, acorns make oak trees!! If you haven’t come across the superb Zen Habits then I’d highly recommend you take a look.  There’s lots of inspiration and the gentle Buddhist approach of author Leo Babauta shines through.  He doesn’t talk about whole sale instantaneous change, because how many of us can truly manage this, let alone sustain it?  He advocates small, almost minuscule changes that are sustainable and eventually grow into something much, much bigger.  Using this approach he has turned his life around and is happier and healthier for it.

The key to setting goals it that they must be measurable.  It’s no good saying, ‘in 2014 I’m going to get healthier!’, because what does that actually mean.  Does this mean exercise, food, giving up smoking, drink, drugs?  Set yourself a measurable goal and you are far more likely to be able to achieve it and be able to work towards it.  For example, ‘I’m going to be healthier by eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day’.  Now there’s more clarity and you can start to plan.  Or, ‘I’m going to be healthier by exercising four days a week for 30 minutes’, okay, so what’s the exercise going to be?  Walking four days a week for 30 minutes is a measurable goal.  Why not tell someone, or ask them to join you?  That way not only is the goal measurable, but now you’re accountable too.  These are the small things that make it possible to not only make our resolutions achievable but to actually achieve them.

Setting goals and being accountable is where a coach can help you.  Coaching is another technique we’ll be adding to our services in 2014.  Our goal for 2014 is to launch our (in-progress) new website that will better let you know the range of services we can offer.  I’m really excited about this and am looking forward to seeing it all come together.  I’ve got a few other more personal resolutions forming too, but my goal for this afternoon is to ponder how to make them measurable and put a timescale on them.  That way I can make the most of this new Moon energy and tap into the power of the supermoon.

Whatever you decide, we you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2014!


The Winter Solstice

So here we are moving towards the end of another cycle.  Earlier today the Moon was full and the rest of 2013 sees the closing out of this lunar cycle before the new Moon on January 1st.  We are also moving towards the Winter Solstice, the point when the Sun moves into the cardinal sign of Capricorn.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth puts us furthest from the Sun creating Winter.

tiltI’ve blogged a bit this year on cycles, especially the lunation cycle, but the nature of astrological cycles is the same whether we are talking about the Moon, Pluto, or the whole astrological year.  Long before Christmas this time of year was a period marked as important in the calendar.  This is the point in the cycle which equates in the lunation cycle to the dark of the Moon, the point just before the new Moon where the sky is dark and the Moon is invisible to us.  It is a point for introspection and reflection.  We celebrate the year giving gifts to those we love and cherish, but will we make it through the winter?  This was a genuine concern for our ancestors.  Had they stored enough food to get them through the dark and cold months until Spring? 

winter-solsticeWhatever this time of year means for you, I hope over the next week you’ll be able to celebrate the Solstice (and Christmas) with those you love.  Eat, drink and be merry, but spare a thought for that waning phase of the Moon that follows and look inward to see what comes next.  What are you hoping to give birth to in the New Year?  What does 2014 look like in your mind’s eye?  Reflect on your highs and lows of this year and consider what you want from the next.  This is a time to remember that the answer isn’t always ‘out there’, in fact it rarely is.  The answer is inside, you just need to give yourself time and space to find it.

The New Moon

As promised in my previous post I’m planning to post at each stage of the next lunar cycle; a little bit of discipline won’t do me any harm 😉 So, here’s the first post…


Tomorrow is the new moon, the beginning of the new cycle.  At this point the moon is dark, no part of it can be seen, yet it holds the potential of all that will come.  This is the equivalent of the sun’s winter solstice where we experience the least amount of daylight hours.  Dane Rudhyar equated the lunar cycle to the growth of a plant with the new moon being the seed under the ground beginning to germinate.  We can’t see it yet but the first signs of new life are beginning.

This is the conjunction in the birth chart and includes the moon at any point from zero degrees to 45 degrees in front of the sun.  The quality of new beginnings is lived out by those who are born at this point in the cycle.  Demetra George tells us they have a naive, almost childlike openness to how they interact with the world.  They operate on instinct and don’t relate well to too much structure or planning.  Society tells us we should have a plan and direction, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years time?’, but for these natives trusting their instincts and living moment to moment is vital in order to get a sense of their own identity.  Sometimes these individuals can feel like they are quite present in the world; they need to see the footprints in the sand to know they are actually here.

For those born with this placement, how they manifest their sun’s journey will carry these qualities.  Part of why they are here is to try new directions and initiate new ideas.  They may not consider the long-term implications of their actions, but this is not part of their purpose.

Any new moon babies out there?  Remember you can check your own placement here   Do you recognise these qualities in yourself?  Does this speak to you?

For the rest of us, our progressed new moon occurs every thirty years and signifies the start of a new cycle in our lives.  During this period a new seed germinates inside us and the start of a new dream or aspiration is born.