Astrology and vibrational healing, or what can an essence do for you?

We ran our first astrology and vibrational healing workshop on Saturday.  This was the first time we have run a workshop introducing people to the idea of how they might use essencesPE-combos We love astrology because it gives insight into our greatest gifts and talents, and also areas of life in which we experience tension and difficulty.  Our workshop sought to explain how to use flower, sea and gem essences to reinforce the strengths we find in our charts, and help us transform our difficulties into results.  So if you’re struggling with a particular Saturn aspect or transit, then an essence can help you work through the issues more easily and, perhaps more importantly, more successfully.

The idea behind the use of essences is about creating or restoring balance, helping us to find the best expression of ourselves.  We are all energetic beings and if there is a block or confusion in our energy, this can be manifested mentally, physically or emotionally.  Difficult aspects in our birth chart or challenging transits can throw us off balance and using essences can help us get back on track.  These aren’t magic potions!  We still have to do the work, but they can lend a helping hand when the work feels too much.6a0133f538e9e4970b017ee3eb264d970d-500wi

I thought I’d give an example from my own experience to illustrate this.  In my natal chart I have a tight Mercury Saturn square from my 7th house Scorpio Mercury to my 5th house Leo Saturn.  Saturn is in detriment in Leo, so he needs a bit of support from others at the best of times!  Saturn is associated with age, maturity and experience and speaking as someone with an aspect between Saturn and all my personal planets, bar the Moon, it gets easier to deal with these issues as we get older.  When we’re little (and by little I’m talking up to our first Saturn return!) these aspects can be very constricting and just plain old hard work!  The signature of Mercury Saturn is the fear of communication because, ‘what happens if I say it wrong?’, ‘what will they say if I say/write that?’ ‘no matter how hard I try I’m simply no good at this writing/talking business!!’.

As a child I had to see a speech therapist because my speech development was slow, although family members could understand me; simply too scared to communicate to anyone outside the family?  I was never one of those students who went way over their word limit, I used to struggle to reach it because my writing was too concise.  Similarly, starting to write has always been a struggle because I’m always afraid it won’t be good enough.  Before even writing a word I’ve tried and found myself guilty at the court of public opinion!

As I write this my throat is starting to feel sore.  This is a common physical manifestation for me of my fears around communication.  A physical symptom of the fear of saying the wrong thing or being judged by those around me.  As I say, this has got easier as I’ve got older, but sometimes I still get a bit stuck.  This blog has been a perfect example.  We first started this blog back in September 2010 and there have been several false starts. I used to start loads of posts, but never finish them, or come back later and scrap them because I thought they weren’t good enough. article-0-0BC38D2F00000578-51_964x634

Recently when I asked Matthew to see if there was an essence I needed he came up with Bluebell.  On the Pacific Essences site or in Sabina Pettitt’s beautiful book it says,

  • “For giving up constraints; opening the channels of communication
  • Resonance: Expression
  • Key Attractors: Openness, Communication
  • Key Challenges: Shyness, Fear, Panic Attacks
  • Meridians: Lung, Kidney
  • Chakras: Throat

Well that sounds like Mercury Saturn issues to me!  Matthew recommended taking the essence, which I did.  Not long after finishing the essence I wrote my first blog post for a long while.  Now I can’t stop!  That’s not to say that there isn’t still a worry about how my posts will be received; but I don’t want that to stop me putting some of our ideas out there.  I’m not saying there won’t be a wobble now and again, Saturn will transit over my Mercury later in the year and I would fully expect to be presented with some of these issues again.  Having said that, it’s a wonderful illustration of how essences can work to give balance when we struggle.

An essence consultation with Matthew can help you find which essence might best work for you.


The Wu Xing: the five Chinese ‘elements’

Today Matthew and I are delivering a new workshop for the first time.  It’s always exciting and a little nerve wracking to teach something new, you never quite know if it will all work as you intend it to or which parts you might want to switch round and change.  This is particularly exciting because it’s the first time we’ve taught a workshop that isn’t just about astrology, but brings in some of our other interests as well.  The workshop is entitled Astrology and Vibrational Healing and will look at how the essences Matthew works with can be used alongside particular issues in the birth chart.  Until recently Matthew has always worked fairly intuitively with the essences, but earlier this year he headed to Canada to do an Energy Medicine training course to further his knowledge of the wonderful Pacific Essences.  By coincidence, (although we don’t really believe in these!) I have been completing a Feng Shui course, to coincide with my house move!  Both of these systems use the Wu Xing, also known as the five elements, phases and agents, amongst other names.images (2)

The five elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and their relationship with each other underpins many traditional Chinese fields including Feng Shui, Chinese medicine, Chinese astrology and others.  All of these traditional fields are ultimately looking to create or restore balance in the elements for health, success and prosperity.  I’ll stick with the term element, as that is most frequently used, although phases or agents are also sometimes used as they are concerned with process and change.  Rather than elements in the western sense, they are really about energy or chi and how it changes and develops.  A starting point in the study and understanding of all of these areas is learning how the elements interact and react to each other.

The two cycles to learn are the production cycle,

  • Fire produces Earth
  • Earth produces Metal
  • Metal produces Water
  • Water produces Wood
  • Wood produces Fire

And the destruction cycle,

  • Fire destroys Metal
  • Metal destroys Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth
  • Earth destroys Water
  • Water destroys Fire

five-elements-cycleElements are strengthened by the presence of the element that produces them, but weakened by producing an element or the presence of an element that destroys them.  The diagram above illustrates this more clearly but as an example, the Earth element is strengthened by the presence of Fire as Fire produces it.  However, Earth is weakened by Metal as it produces Metal and also weakened, or even destroyed if there is too much, by too much Wood.

As I mentioned earlier, the aim is balance.  In Feng Shui people can be keen to increase wealth or concentrate on their career or relationships.  But imagine being wealthy with poor health?  Or a thriving career where your personal relationships suffer?  These are elements out of balance.

It’s exciting to start to blend some of these other ideas with astrology and play around with how some of the ideas may work together.  It definitely feels like this is another step on a very interesting journey!

Vibrational Healing, a summary

Matthew and I are very bad bloggers.  We both have close Mercury Saturn squares, which is unfortunate as when we start writing it’s good, but getting started is the problem!

So, to break the silence I thought it would be a good time to pull together some of Matthew’s Facebook posts made during his recent trip to Canada.  He was taking part in the Energy Medicine training course to further his knowledge of the wonderful Pacific Essences  Whilst there he posted some thoughts to Facebook on each of the five elements.  The programme is based on the five elements model of traditional Chinese medicine and Matthew captured some initial thoughts on each of the five elements.

If you’d like to find out more about vibrational healing we still have places on our workshop on 27th July at Heavenly Hypnosis in Stoke-on-Trent.  More details here

Or why not find out how the five element model can be applied to you home using traditional compass school Feng Shui at our workshop on 31st July

The Facebook posts,


This element has a similar meaning in Western and Chinese systems. It’s all about your enthusiasm (en theos = with God) and creative drive, and of course both are unlimited, the more you create, the more creativity you have. You can take one of the fire related essences to give your fiery qualities a boost, or if you are feeling like you are out of balance with any of them. For example, ruby is an amazing essence for courage. Rainbow kelp is the alchemist, changing difficulties into gold. Ox eye daisy is for getting things in perspective, seeing the big picture. Alum root can help you to resolve power struggles in relationships creatively. Thinking astrologically, many fire essences would relate to fifth house issues, or issues which are blocking Mars – say Mars aspects with Saturn, or Neptune or Pluto.


These are the starting point which enables us to experience all the other elements, because it is by incarnating on the Earth that we can experience fire, metal, water and wood. Most of the Earth essences are very nurturing, like Mother Earth, and so astrologically a lot of them must be Moon-based essences. A healthy earth element is grounded, comfortable with their actions and in their body, and just able to get done what needs to be done. When Earth is out of balance, signs include obsessive thinking, worry, not enough movement, muddle, avoiding looking after oneself, or eating disorders, inability to follow through on commitments, or to transform thoughts into actions. Some great Earth essences include Wallflower for helping with the feeling of being different and not belonging, Hermit Crab for isolation, Sea Turtle for grace and going with the flow, Jasper for eliminating shame and worry.


When metal is in good shape, we are just really comfortable and graceful in our bodies and clear and sharp in our thinking, allowing ourselves to hear intuition and have our thoughts, feelings and what we do all working together. If metal is out of balance, we might feel really sad, or just that general anxiety that things aren’t right, or very rigid and tight in our bodies or in our thinking. A lot of this can be worked on without essences, e.g by breathing or by feeding the senses, spending time with animals.


Some similarities with water in western astrology, but some differences. For example traditional Chinese medicine emphasises how water is linked to ancestral issues and the dna blueprint, more like the 4th, 8th and 12th houses than the three water signs. An out of balance water is fearful and timid. In its best case scenario, water is access to Truth with a capital T, trust in the flow, calmness and inner peace. There are some amazing essences associated with the water element, such as Blue Camas for acceptance and balancing the rational and intuitive thinking, Sponge, for finding acceptance and the middle way, Bluebell for having the courage to express self fully, Lapus Lazuli for clear channelling and seeing others without judgement.

Finally, Matthew posted some brief details on the essence mixtures.  More details of each can be found at and you can purchase the essences from us or Helen at Heavenly Hypnosis.

Going to interrupt the elemental dialogue and write today about the 18 Good Vibrations essence mixtures. These have been put together as combinations to really give us a boost in an area we want to move forward. Most of the names speak for themselves. Abundance, good for anyone who astrologically speaking wants a boost around their second house and material, emotional or spiritual resources. There’s Radiant Beauty, for confidence to express who we really are with confidence – would boost any Sun sign. How about Optimal Learning, which we might try in our classes in future  Another fun one is Kid’s Stuff, for anyone who wants to be more playful, good for getting that Saturn into his cool guy who hasn’t lost his sense of humour possibility. Forgiveness speaks for itself. There are also essences to balance each of the elements, so for example fire if you need a spark, water for cooling down. These ones are really good because you can pretty much self select, no need for an essence practitioner… Although one is available if you need one!

Hopefully this is enough of a taster to make you want to find out more!  You can book astrology and essence readings with us via the following link  These can either be face to face or online via Skype, so geography is not a problem.

Ho’oponopono Astrology: making what is right more right

I was listening recently to the gifted teacher of Hawaiian spiritual traditions, Hew Len, who you too can be inspired by on You Tube. It reminded me of why Georgina and I chose this name for our new venture last year. The approach is simple, clear and powerful. He begins this interview by talking about the idea of ‘100% responsibility’. This is the notion that whatever one experiences, one is at some level responsible for creating. An appropriate response to everything is ‘It’s me’.

At first sight this is a very confrontational idea for most people in our society. ‘What, you mean that you are blaming me for the bullying and stupid boss / lazy colleague / inadequate parent /  deficient partner / misbehaving child / genocidal world leader (delete as applicable) that is making my world insufferable? You know what, chum, you just got added to the list.’

Actually, the answer to the accusation is mostly yes, although blame doesn’t enter into it, and forcing the idea down people’s throats would just be a form of spiritual harassment. But 100% responsibility is saying we are at cause of all our experiences. External experiences which we find unpleasant are in some way a reflection of what Dr Hew calls ‘dead stuff’ which is unprocessed experience. Whether we think this comes from one’s past, especially early years, or whether one brings it with from past lives, or whether it is in part ancestral inheritance depends on our philosophical and spiritual preferences. But if, for example, I encounter lots of anger, or lots of ‘stuckness’, then this is the external reflection of something I’m unaware or only semi-aware of in me. As Ophelia says in response to what she thinks is Hamlet’s madness, ‘O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!’ However the mistake most of us make on the spiritual path is to blame ourselves for creating this, adding to the general stress and misery! Dr Hew reminds us of Jesus’ primary teaching to love our enemies, or, as Buddhist teacher Tsultrim Allione suggests, to feed our demons. Astrologer Caroline Casey puts it even more strongly in principle number 5 of her visionary activist astrology ‘If something’s a problem, make it bigger’. What we bring to conscious experience with compassion disappears, leaving empty space, a ‘state of blank’, no data feed from the past, which allows us to respond spontaneously, creatively and with joy to what we encounter.

How does this apply to our astrological approach? Well, the birth chart gives us so much information about the ‘dead stuff’. In particular, information such as the crunchy aspects between inner and outer planets, or the tensions between very different kinds of energies in a birth chart, give the astrologer precise technical information about the parts of ourselves that we are maybe unaware or rejecting of. Bringing them to conscious recognition is the most useful part of the astrologer’s work. The acceptance is up to us!

It is possible to support this acceptance in many ways also. I like to combine astrology with the use of the Pacific flower, gem and sea essences. Indeed it was their creator, Sabina Pettitt’s newsletter this month which led me to the Hew Len teachings. Dowsing for the essence that was appropriate for this blog led me to Rainbow Kelp essence, which Sabina says is about alchemical transformation. ‘I am able to respond with my full potential.’ ‘It helps us to release, relax, and connect to our light source again.’ It’s the off switch for the data feed.