Why an astrology reading?

We are now offering regular astrology and essence consultations at Heavenly Hypnosis Stoke-on-Trent or online via Skype.  You can find our availability at http://tinyurl.com/bookareading.  Many people aren’t really sure what an astrology reading can offer for them, so I thought I’d put together a few ideas into a blog post.SFPage

Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment you were born and at the place where you were born.  It is a map of a unique moment in time, unique just like you.  Each of us is an expression of the particular qualities of that moment, but our potential can be hidden under layers of habit and social conditioning.  A birth chart reading can help you to look at the potential you were born with and decide whether you are using them in ways which serve you or ways which don’t.  Astrology can help you understand some of your more hidden motivations and behaviour patterns and shed light on possible causes, which gives us the freedom to make choices about the most constructive ways forward for you as an individual.

He loli ‘ole, Ke ‘alo a’e. He paio koho. Changes are inevitable, struggle is an option.

Everything changes. But sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of events which our previous life experiences leave us unprepared for. Astrology can’t tell us why things happen as they do, but it can help us to see what is so more clearly and thus give us more choice and freedom about how we respond to the situation we are in, rather than seeing ourselves as the victim of someone or at the mercy of events. It can help us to meet challenges with wisdom, courage and dignity. People often choose to visit an astrologer at times of major life transition.

What do people want to know?

The kinds of questions people often want to explore in a birth chart reading are:

  • How can I make best use of my potential at my current stage of life?
  • What sort of work or career will give me satisfaction (or prosperity?)
  • How can I better understand my relationship needs?
  • I’m struggling with a particular behaviour pattern. Can you shed any light on it?
  • I’m exploring – have you got anything interesting to tell me?

And predicting the future?

No astrologer can forecast the future with certainty. Yet any competent one can give a sense of the landscape ahead: will it be easy terrain, or full of hidden traps and chasms? When will be the good times to act, when are times to wait and reflect?

Our yearly forecast will integrate a range of predictive astrological techniques – usually transits, secondary progressions, solar and other planetary returns, as well as the current firdaria – to give the client a sense of how the land lies over the next year or more.

For more information email us on admin@ponoponoastrology.co.uk or you can find us on Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/ponoponofacebook .  Alternatively, you can simply book an appointment online http://tinyurl.com/bookareading or via our contact details at http://www.ponoponoastrology.co.uk/contact-us.

If you find none of the available times suit you, it is always worth contacting us as we may be able to provide another time slot.