The solar myth of Scorpio

It’s been a tricky few weeks!  With my stellium in Scorpio I’m suffering from all the Saturn transits at the moment and am slowly recovering from a painful trapped nerve in my shoulder.  Needless to say, this has held up the blogging and I’m a bit late with the myth of Scorpio – oops!

The most intensely powerful of signs has some pretty powerful myths associated with it, not least that of Medusa which illustrates all those scorpionic issues of betrayal of trust and the use and abuse of power.

As always with the classical myths there are variations, but the version I use with Sun Scorpios (assuming they ever come to see you and reveal their inner workings!) starts with Medusa as a lovely young woman.  She is said to have had beautiful hair and so captivated Poseidon, god of the sea that one night he seduced and raped her in Athena’s temple.  Horrified when she discovers this defilement of her temple, but unable to punish Poseidon, Athena instead turns her anger on Medusa.  She transforms her beautiful hair into snakes and makes her face so hideous to look at it turns any who look on her to stone.  Filled with fury at the injustice and horror of what she has become Medusa hides away in a cave so no one can see her.  She lives alone with her anger and bitterness, turning all those who try to slay her to stone.

Finally, Perseus completes the hero’s task of killing Medusa using gifts from Hades, Hermes and Athene.  When he cuts off her head, the winged horse Pegasus springs from her severed neck, a product of her union with Poseidon. Pool of bitterness

The test for Sun Scorpios is to be able to bond and trust with those around them.  The twin themes of the Medusa myth are intensity and betrayal.  Scorpios make faithful friends and lovers, but can struggle with forgiveness when they feel their trust has been broken.  They can hold on to these feelings of betrayal leading to bitterness, anger and that famous Scorpio trait of the search for revenge.  The aim for Scorpio is to release the fury and learn to see situations clearly.  This allows them to control their emotions and free the wisdom and spiritual energy of the Pegasus held inside.