Holiday Gifts

Well it’s that time of year and my thoughts are turning to Christmas trees and snow.

I already had gifts on my mind and then Llewellyn had a nice little post today on buying pressies by Moon sign. This certainly makes more sense to me than buying by Sun sign.  Amongst other things the Moon in the natal chart tells us about our emotions and indicates our experience of nurturing.  We tend to buy for other people according to our own Moon sign because we are thinking about what would make us feel good.  The trick is to buy for their Moon sign instead.  A present which appeals to our emotions and makes us feel nurtured and understood is bound to go down well.  Of course, as always in astrology, it is overly simplistic to suggest that an individual can be summed up by one sign.  For example, my Moon is in Gemini and as the Llewellyn article suggests I am very curious and love a good puzzle.  I don’t believe you can ever have enough books and I’m always looking for the next course of study. However, my Moon makes an aspect with Neptune, which gives it a slightly Piscean flavour so the Pisces suggestions also work for me.  I am a hopeless romantic and the gift of a romantic getaway certainly appeals (fingers crossed the other half is reading this :-)).  So both Gemini and Pisces gifts would work for me, or ideally a synthesis of the two….

I suppose the big questions is, what to buy the astrologer who has everything?!?

Besides the multitude of books and materials out there, many sites sell astrological gifts.  I like what Bird and Bee have to offer and especially love their Lunar Wheel – I have it on my office wall and have already purchased next year ready for January 1st.  There’s something quite hypnotic about those lunar spirals and I love been able to see the lunar phase at a glance.

Definitely on my Christmas list are the few Studyshops by Astro Logos that I don’t yet own.  We recommend some of these on our website as good for beginners, but there’s really something for everybody at every stage of their astrological journey.

I’m intrigued by the items that Milestone Gifts have too.  In some ways it’s because I quite like poking at the dark, secretive Scorpio part of myself that is horrified at the idea of walking round displaying your full birth chart round your neck.  I’m sure their are plenty of Leos out there who would revel in the idea 😮  However, as a gift for a couple I quite like the idea of the Chart Block with two charts, or three including the composite charts.  I think that’s a cute idea, or perhaps that’s my Moon Neptune coming through again……